Arizona Investment Council (AIC) is a nonprofit organization with a growing membership of 6,000+ debt and equity investors in Arizona utility companies and other local businesses. We advocate on behalf of our investor members before regulatory and legislative bodies. We also work with business leaders, policymakers, community leaders and educators to improve the investment climate in Arizona and to support the planning and development of essential infrastructure.

Our Mission

The bedrock of Arizona’s economy is the infrastructure that supports the capacity to provide essential services for citizens and businesses to thrive today and in the future. Advocacy in support of investment in 21st century, fit-for-purpose infrastructure is at the center of our mission. Specifically, we aim to:

  • Enlarge and maximize the influence of utility investors on public policies and governmental actions that may have an impact on the wellbeing of investors and their utility investments
  • Support infrastructure development in the State of Arizona

To accomplish our mission, we sponsor original research on critical issues related to investment, infrastructure and the economy, and participating in legislative and administrative proceedings at all levels of government. We also partner with other associations, organizations and institutions throughout Arizona to educate policymakers and the public about the economy and investment.

Our History

Originally established in 1994 as Arizona Utility Investors Association, the organization added “support infrastructure development” to its mission and changed its name in 2007.


One year later, AIC published its infrastructure study, which examined infrastructure and funding needs over the next two decades in the areas of water supply and delivery, energy facilities, communications networks and transportation. Conducted by economists from Arizona State University, the study showed the state’s infrastructure needs would be massive and that substantial investment in these areas would be necessary to support a growing economy and sustain the high quality of life enjoyed by Arizona residents.


To pay for these investments, the state must be able to attract necessary capital. This requires Arizona policymakers to establish policies that encourage investment so investors can be confident in Arizona’s future.

That’s where AIC comes in.

We are an active participant in legislative and administrative proceedings in which establishing the appropriate policies to attract investment capital are at stake. We also give high priority to public education in the areas of utility economics, service choices, new technologies, and economic and environmental regulation and policies.


No doubt, the world is changing on many levels. New technologies, concerns about the environment and customer choice are transforming utility industries in Arizona and throughout the nation. We will remain an active participant in understanding and helping shape these changes. Our efforts are aimed at ensuring financially strong utilities so infrastructure investment can keep pace with Arizona’s needs in a changing world.