November 24, 2017 | — The race to be Arizona’s next treasurer hasn’t really begun yet, but a candidate and potential candidate are already butting heads and getting lawyers involved.

Tom Forese, the Republican chairman of the Arizona Corporation Commission, called on Sen. Kimberly Yee, R-Phoenix, to stop lying about him.

Forese is running for state treasurer. Yee is considering a run and was recently provided a newly created award from the current treasurer, Jeff DeWit, who said Forese was “sleazy.”

Forese’s lawyer, Mark Goldman, sent a letter to Yee claiming she has made false statements to third parties claiming Forese is under investigation by the FBI.

“These statements are patently false and defamatory in nature,” Goldman wrote.

The mention of FBI investigations stems from the federal agency’s acknowledgment last year that it was looking into issues surrounding the financing of “certain statewide races” during the 2014 election, the year Forese won his seat on the commission.

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