November 12, 2017 | — Every time Ronald Green looks at his utility bill he gets a little more irritated. Then he looks at his neighbor’s and gets even more frustrated.

“It’s ridiculous and it just doesn’t seem right,” says Green who lives in the SaddleBrooke Ranch community north of Oro Valley.

Green’s complaint centers around the fact that he’s paying nearly twice as much for water as people just down the road.

According to rates published by the Environmental Finance Center, Green pays $59.38 for 7,500 gallons of water.

News 4 Tucson Investigators compared what Green is paying to the amounts charged by four other nearby utilities and found that rates varied significantly.
Arizona Water Company charges Green $59.39, Lago Del Oro charges $31.93, Ridgeview charges $50.58, Los Cerros charges $33.38 and Goodman charges $100.78.

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