November 22, 2017 | — SIERRA VISTA — More than two years from the time of application, the Arizona Corporation Commission finalized a decision last week on Phase 2 of a two-part rate case that will impact Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative solar customers.

Commissioners granted the local utility annual step increases over the next four years in the base rate it will charge new solar customers, boosting the amount from its current $15 charge up to $30. A separate SSVEC request to boost existing solar customers from $30 to $35 per month was denied by the ACC.

The ACC agreed with the local utility’s proposal to lower the reimbursement new solar customers receive for the electricity generated by their systems. Grandfathered solar customers will continue to get the current retail rate. New solar customers will not get the retail rate. Instead, solar customers who install systems after the ACC decision will initially receive 7.1 cents per kilowatt hour for the electricity they export to the grid, which will drop to 4.1 cents over a six-year period.

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